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Now with remote online hypnotherapy through Skype or Google Hangouts Meet

hypnotic Audio Programing 

I have taken the liberty of creating these hypnotic audio recordings for anyone who wishes to shift the emotions linked to the situation we are all living through due to this terrible Coronavirus pandemic. I hope it creates positive changes in your lives. 

Hope, abundance and love

Esperanza,abundancia y amor

WARNING –  Although hypnotherapy is known to be a highly effective and consistent therapy, the contents of our recordings should always be regarded as COMPLEMENTARY. Our recordings should NOT and do NOT replace conventional medical treatment. Where physical illness or symptoms are concerned, you MUST always consult with a medical practitioner or mental health counselor, before listening to these recordings. If you are in any doubt over a physical or emotional problem, then you should always seek advice from a doctor, or an appropriate medical professional. DO NOT listen to these recordings if you suffer from epilepsy or a serious psychiatric condition, such as schizophrenia.

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